The magic of paper

As a child I found magnetic appeal in a simple piece of paper. It presented an invitation to creation.

Whether it was for fashion design, poetry or chorographic notations – I found sheer unadulterated pleasure, in a piece of paper.

With age and wisdom I laid aside my aspirations of becoming a fashion designer or ballerina because, quite frankly, I had no talent at all.

Writing became my outlet and my vice; writing is what I love and what I do.

To this day, my hand will stray to touch any piece of paper.


* image is of “Peacock Pride” by Christina Re available in Perth at Felicitations


What is sexy?

I don’t know about you, but when I was young (oh so much younger than today) my concept of sexy was very limited. It hinged around the core construct of physicality.

As I got older I came to the realisation that sexy was first and foremost subjective, it is still widely accepted that sexy can hinge on reproductive capabilities and this is inline with my original notion of physicality.

But there are other mitigating factors that we (hopefully) become aware of. The subjective nature of our attraction to another human being is vast and extremely interesting. I realised early on that the single most desirable element that made find someone ‘sexy’ was the spark in another person’s personality igniting the spark in mine.

This personality spark could manifest itself in varying forms for different people. For me it is banter. Yep, I am that easy (well not THAT easy but it is pretty simple).

I wouldn’t stand for, nor find it in any way appealing, if it was malicious teasing, but good natured, playful banter, yes please. Why does such a simple thing attract me? It has to do with the knowledge base the person must have about me to make the banter work.

If they know my likes and dislike; my hidden depths and my darkest fears; my dreams and aspirations then they will know what is off limits and when it is ok to partake in a bit of banter. When they know you this well the banter is always well received, and serves to lighten my heart and make my soul sing to be so connected to another.

To have someone understand the depths of your psych is sexy indeed.

Make-up for me


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Make-up is one of those things that I think every woman tries at least once in her life. For most of us it is an everyday ritual. For me, I can take it or leave it. When I became a mother over ten years ago there was a dramatic decline in the number of days in a year that I took the time to slap on some make-up, as despite being no beauty I am comfortable in my own skin.

But this year heralded a new phase of my life; all of my children are at school full-time so there were a spare few minutes in each day that meant I had opportunity to actually put some make-up on. It has amused me no end that I get so many comments and compliments. I guess I look really different with make-up on.

So I thought I might share with you what I have been using, in case it offers inspiration to another busy Mum looking to jazz things up from time to time.

I start with a primer – Alison Jade Cosmetics

Then a foundation – Aveda

Then use a concealer – Napoleon Perdis

Then a liquid powder – Alison Jade

So there we have the canvas, all ready for some contouring and colour. This stage of the game varies dramatically depending on how much time I have and what commitments throughout the day. Most often I would then use:

Eyeshadow in the form of a Mac Paint Pot – MAC Cosmetics

followed by lipliner and lipstick – Aveda

and that would do it.

Then on a day where I felt inclined to really go to town I would finish off with:

a touch more colour from an eye tint – BECCA Cosmetics

Some eyeliner – Estee Lauder

Perhaps a bit of mascara – Napoleon Perdis

Finally a very light application of a blush – Bourjois

I am done and ready to face the day. The strain of being a busy Mum hidden away.


Traits – Rate It or Hate It?


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The characteristics that combine to make up our personalities are diverse. People can be a wonderful mixture that appeal to the masses; a blend that leaves the majority recoiling or they can sit somewhere in between.

But no matter how great or awful a person is there are standout traits that either appeal to us about them or serve to make us run away as fast as we can.

The “bad boy” with a sense of compassion who volunteers in an animal shelter can get past your defences despite all the bad traits he possesses. The “beauty” who we all want to loath but just can’t because she is so damn kind and caring to all around her.

We, as individuals, have our own inbuilt filter for what traits we can tolerate and those that we cannot.

For me my number one RATE IT would have to be communication skills. They don’t have to be superb at it they just have to attempt it. I am very willing to make allowances for people and corporations that at least try to be good communicators. Keep me informed and you are on your way to winning me over.

My number one HATE IT was a little harder to pinpoint (hate is after all such a harsh word) but I decided on HYPOCRISY. I am sure we all do this from time to time but those that do it often set my nerves on fire.

Tell me, what do you RATE and HATE?

Revealing my less than desirable side.


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Today I had lunch with some of the best women I know and revealed to them a little bit of my personality that I had previously kept hidden. I am not proud of it but alas it is what it is.

First was the little gem of how on a few occasions, when asked for the details of a favourite recipe, I have misled the asker about one ingredient. Petty I know. My dear friends get the real recipe but a couple of not-so-nice friends of friends who I took exception to did not. I hang my head in shame.

Secondly was the fact that one of my main motivators for not using my children’s names online is I don’t want anyone to “steal” (yes I know I don’t own the right to a name) the names. This is especially shameful as indicates an over inflated ego to assume anyone would even want to use the names I spent days, perhaps weeks, creating or deciding on. I feel  an inexplicable sense of ownership over them and harbour a feeling of horror that they will become *gasp* popular.

I know I know, my head is held really low.


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Clutter Buster – Baking Trays


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Having all the nooks and crannies of our home organised is not as easy to achieve as we might hope, and often not as cost effective as we need. We search for ways to make it happen, and for the most affordable solution.

Thankfully we often find creative ways to bring some semblance of order to our lives.

When it came to my baking trays, muffin tins and cake boards I used a very cheap item from Ikea. I have long stored these trays upright, just like books on a shelf, but as my collection grew a little separation was needed.

Enter the RATIONELL VERIERA pot lid organiser for $11.99

This is how I used it

Expand to stack and sort…..

….then compress to store.

In the cupboard.

Vertical storage like this makes the trays so much easier to get to, especially when the kids want to bake with you.

Do you have creative solutions for your baking trays?


Patriotic Tears


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I am forming a club with some of my fellow Twitter inhabitants. Hashtag #PatrioticTears

You see the Olympics are on (in case you didn’t know) and it is during such times that some companies manage to come up with advertisements that get it so right they make you want to cry. They remind us why we love our country.

I offer you example A) 

Any other suggestions?

Let me know if you should be a member of the club.


Magic Mike / Movie Review


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Ladies, I am sure by now most of you would have heard about the new release movie Magic Mike. It was with your interests foremost in my mind that I made the self-sacrificing decision to watch and review it.

Essential a perve fest and a peek into the world of male strippers it is pretty much what you would expect.

By far the most enjoyable aspect for me was Channing Tatum’s dance moves. He was a stand out in any scene that involved rhythmic movement; his fluidity is a joy to behold and offers an element of substance to the film. Alas there is not enough, not nearly enough, of his dancing.

Matthew McConaughy’s bigger-then-the-moon personality is the second best aspect of the film. You just cannot help but like him no matter what role he plays.

There were some hints of humour and the team that makes the movie trailer probably captured most of them.

As for the rest, it didn’t win me over.

There was LOTS of bumping and grinding, nudity and drug use – none of which appeal to me. Even when watching a movie my moral standards recoil in horror and I want to put on my mothering hat and lecture the characters on the screen about ‘good choices’.

As for the rest, there was plenty of waxed and tanned flesh, g-strings, screaming women and cringe worthy moments. Oh and let’s not forget rock hard abs, because after all, that is what is bringing in the crowds.

Let me know what you think.

When do you take holidays?

School goes back today for may WA families after what was hopefully an enjoyable break for all concerned.

On the morning rounds at my children’s school I noticed a number of families away, lucky devils they are all probably still on holidays. Which got me thinking, when do you take holidays with your kids?

Do you diligently adhere to the prescribed school breaks or are you more concerned with getting your holidays at the best price?

So many factors must be considered when deciding on a holiday. Children’s school requirements, budget and of course your own work commitments. It is highly tempting to book a holiday for the middle of a school term, when flights are cheaper and resorts are usually quieter, but what about the opportunity cost of the things they will be missing?

Perhaps your child will miss out on the audition for the school play that they so greatly desired to be a part of. Maybe there will be a maths test that makes up 20% of the semesters grade. Or the chance that the work missed out on will need to be completed upon your return, the thought of which might cause your child anxiety.

There is no doubt the experiential learning opportunities available to children on a family holiday are vast. That is even before I mention the sheer joy children often feel when revelling in the freedom afforded them during this time.

Does it balance out? Does the good outweigh the possible bad?

For me, I am a bit of a stickler for propriety so tend not to take my kids out of school during term. But that doesn’t mean I wont ever do so.



Mummy Wars; enough is enough.


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I was going to write a post about the increasing media generated antagonism between parents, specifically mothers. But then I saw Kerri Sackville had already done one. It pretty much expresses my own view so go have a read of:

Each to her own – say “No” to Sixty Minutes

Then after you have read it, be kind to yourself and your fellow parents.