Mummy and Master 5

Mummy and Master 5

Mums, you know how sometimes your kids call for you so frequently you just want to change your name? Not your actual name, but the honorary one of “Mum”.

The name they use when there is a bug in the house that needs your IMMEDIATE attention. The name they use when they need to show you the MASSIVE scratch on their arm, the one you need to put your glasses on to see. The name they call out over and over again when you duck off to the toilet and the name they scream out when they cannot see you at the shop.

Recently I laid down the law to my youngest, Master 5, about the use of the word “Mum”. I instructed him he only had a certain number of uses of it each day so he had better use them wisely. With solemn eyes (Have you seen his eyes? Heart melting!) he looked at me, nodded his head and said, “Ok Anna”.

Round 1 to you son.