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There are many reasons to celebrate all throughout the year, and I do so with great frequency. I celebrate being blessed, I celebrate great friends and loving family, I celebrate freedom and choice, some days I celebrate utopia when the words that I want to write present themselves with little effort.

Today I am going to celebrate two joyous things in my life, creativity and conversation. The creative aspect manifests itself in the form of the deliciously divine Belle of Belle Bijoux Australia and the conversation is all down to you.

To get the conversation started, I have one of these sparklers to give away to a lucky person.

Crystal Clear “Louis”

This is a new season piece and as yet unavailable to purchase. When it does become available it will do so in two colours.  The Clear Crystal as pictured, or a Black Crystal. It has a gold band and setting and is adjustable so if you have ample fingers like me they won’t pose a problem. It retails for $99.

You want to know how you can get this beauty on your finger don’t you? Well like I said the conversation is up to you. So, tell me what gifts tickle your fancy this festive season. What do you wish to receive and what are you looking forward to giving?

Entries close 9pm (WST) Sunday the 16th of December 2012. The winner will be chosen by me, through a combination of creativity/originality/randomness/bribery/heart wrenching and sheer luck. So do your best to sway me.