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I have a decent sized lounge room that has been begging for some artwork on the lone solid wall. When I set out to find something I soon realised that all the artists I liked, with works the appropriate size, were far beyond my budget.

I briefly considered painting my own but having NEVER painted anything other than walls and my nails I dismissed that notion with great haste.

It wasn’t until I was doing a cull in the linen cupboard and found an old wool bed underlay destined for the bin that I was struck with inspiration.

A trip to the hardware store to purchase some inexpensive pine batons and some grovelling to my husband procured me a frame to stretch the old wool underlay over.

After stapling it down I grabbed some acrylic paints left over from a kids craft activity and set to work.

Then came the learning curve. Paint does not move across wool. It gets sucked in pretty fast and in copious amounts. The quantity of paint required to complete my task was many times more than I originally thought. Whilst eagerness is great it does not bring inspiration nor talent to the table; or painting.

I have tended to the (wool) canvas on four occasions adding and assessing to end up with this;

It will do for now and if inspiration strikes I can paint some more.