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Make-up is one of those things that I think every woman tries at least once in her life. For most of us it is an everyday ritual. For me, I can take it or leave it. When I became a mother over ten years ago there was a dramatic decline in the number of days in a year that I took the time to slap on some make-up, as despite being no beauty I am comfortable in my own skin.

But this year heralded a new phase of my life; all of my children are at school full-time so there were a spare few minutes in each day that meant I had opportunity to actually put some make-up on. It has amused me no end that I get so many comments and compliments. I guess I look really different with make-up on.

So I thought I might share with you what I have been using, in case it offers inspiration to another busy Mum looking to jazz things up from time to time.

I start with a primer – Alison Jade Cosmetics

Then a foundation – Aveda

Then use a concealer – Napoleon Perdis

Then a liquid powder – Alison Jade

So there we have the canvas, all ready for some contouring and colour. This stage of the game varies dramatically depending on how much time I have and what commitments throughout the day. Most often I would then use:

Eyeshadow in the form of a Mac Paint Pot – MAC Cosmetics

followed by lipliner and lipstick – Aveda

and that would do it.

Then on a day where I felt inclined to really go to town I would finish off with:

a touch more colour from an eye tint – BECCA Cosmetics

Some eyeliner – Estee Lauder

Perhaps a bit of mascara – Napoleon Perdis

Finally a very light application of a blush – Bourjois

I am done and ready to face the day. The strain of being a busy Mum hidden away.