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The characteristics that combine to make up our personalities are diverse. People can be a wonderful mixture that appeal to the masses; a blend that leaves the majority recoiling or they can sit somewhere in between.

But no matter how great or awful a person is there are standout traits that either appeal to us about them or serve to make us run away as fast as we can.

The “bad boy” with a sense of compassion who volunteers in an animal shelter can get past your defences despite all the bad traits he possesses. The “beauty” who we all want to loath but just can’t because she is so damn kind and caring to all around her.

We, as individuals, have our own inbuilt filter for what traits we can tolerate and those that we cannot.

For me my number one RATE IT would have to be communication skills. They don’t have to be superb at it they just have to attempt it. I am very willing to make allowances for people and corporations that at least try to be good communicators. Keep me informed and you are on your way to winning me over.

My number one HATE IT was a little harder to pinpoint (hate is after all such a harsh word) but I decided on HYPOCRISY. I am sure we all do this from time to time but those that do it often set my nerves on fire.

Tell me, what do you RATE and HATE?