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Today I had lunch with some of the best women I know and revealed to them a little bit of my personality that I had previously kept hidden. I am not proud of it but alas it is what it is.

First was the little gem of how on a few occasions, when asked for the details of a favourite recipe, I have misled the asker about one ingredient. Petty I know. My dear friends get the real recipe but a couple of not-so-nice friends of friends who I took exception to did not. I hang my head in shame.

Secondly was the fact that one of my main motivators for not using my children’s names online is I don’t want anyone to “steal” (yes I know I don’t own the right to a name) the names. This is especially shameful as indicates an over inflated ego to assume anyone would even want to use the names I spent days, perhaps weeks, creating or deciding on. I feel  an inexplicable sense of ownership over them and harbour a feeling of horror that they will become *gasp* popular.

I know I know, my head is held really low.


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