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Having all the nooks and crannies of our home organised is not as easy to achieve as we might hope, and often not as cost effective as we need. We search for ways to make it happen, and for the most affordable solution.

Thankfully we often find creative ways to bring some semblance of order to our lives.

When it came to my baking trays, muffin tins and cake boards I used a very cheap item from Ikea. I have long stored these trays upright, just like books on a shelf, but as my collection grew a little separation was needed.

Enter the RATIONELL VERIERA pot lid organiser for $11.99

This is how I used it

Expand to stack and sort…..

….then compress to store.

In the cupboard.

Vertical storage like this makes the trays so much easier to get to, especially when the kids want to bake with you.

Do you have creative solutions for your baking trays?