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Ladies, I am sure by now most of you would have heard about the new release movie Magic Mike. It was with your interests foremost in my mind that I made the self-sacrificing decision to watch and review it.

Essential a perve fest and a peek into the world of male strippers it is pretty much what you would expect.

By far the most enjoyable aspect for me was Channing Tatum’s dance moves. He was a stand out in any scene that involved rhythmic movement; his fluidity is a joy to behold and offers an element of substance to the film. Alas there is not enough, not nearly enough, of his dancing.

Matthew McConaughy’s bigger-then-the-moon personality is the second best aspect of the film. You just cannot help but like him no matter what role he plays.

There were some hints of humour and the team that makes the movie trailer probably captured most of them.

As for the rest, it didn’t win me over.

There was LOTS of bumping and grinding, nudity and drug use – none of which appeal to me. Even when watching a movie my moral standards recoil in horror and I want to put on my mothering hat and lecture the characters on the screen about ‘good choices’.

As for the rest, there was plenty of waxed and tanned flesh, g-strings, screaming women and cringe worthy moments. Oh and let’s not forget rock hard abs, because after all, that is what is bringing in the crowds.

Let me know what you think.