School goes back today for may WA families after what was hopefully an enjoyable break for all concerned.

On the morning rounds at my children’s school I noticed a number of families away, lucky devils they are all probably still on holidays. Which got me thinking, when do you take holidays with your kids?

Do you diligently adhere to the prescribed school breaks or are you more concerned with getting your holidays at the best price?

So many factors must be considered when deciding on a holiday. Children’s school requirements, budget and of course your own work commitments. It is highly tempting to book a holiday for the middle of a school term, when flights are cheaper and resorts are usually quieter, but what about the opportunity cost of the things they will be missing?

Perhaps your child will miss out on the audition for the school play that they so greatly desired to be a part of. Maybe there will be a maths test that makes up 20% of the semesters grade. Or the chance that the work missed out on will need to be completed upon your return, the thought of which might cause your child anxiety.

There is no doubt the experiential learning opportunities available to children on a family holiday are vast. That is even before I mention the sheer joy children often feel when revelling in the freedom afforded them during this time.

Does it balance out? Does the good outweigh the possible bad?

For me, I am a bit of a stickler for propriety so tend not to take my kids out of school during term. But that doesn’t mean I wont ever do so.