Hello park lovers. It is currently school holidays here in Perth and we have sunny weather so the parks are overflowing with kids and parents making the most of it.

There was a recent upgrade of the play equipment at the popular Tomato Lake Park so I snapped a couple of photos for you to see what it is all about. Be mindful they are not great quality mainly due to the fact it was quite busy and I try to ensure kids in the background of my images are not identifiable.

A new climbing contraption. You can see in the background the automatic toilets and also a bit of the cafe.

One of the new pieces that incorporates climbing web, monkey bars, balance steps and more.

The monkey bars (people’s heads are blurred for privacy reasons)

A wider view – notice the sandpit has gone and the whole area is soft fall foam.

Balancing balls.

The second lot of equipment. Toward the back left corner there is a modern round-a-bout-spinner contraption as well as one of the large 360 degree swings.

The cafe was very busy – note the cafe is CLOSED on Monday & Tuesday

The new equipment is very similar to the new equipment at McDougall Park Manning minus the flying fox.

I may take some more photos when the park isn’t so busy so check back if you want more.

Amenities include: Toilets, BBQ, tables, seating drinking water, and cafe.