With all this technology floating about the ether, one question constantly comes to me. Why do stores, especially super stores, still make us use loyalty cards?

They clog up my purse so much I have to leave some at home, you could safely bet that when I need a card it is one of the ones I chose to leave.

It can’t be too long before some one, or some corporation, much more technologically clued in than I develops and application for our phones that will do away with these cards.

Print a code on your receipt that you scan with your phone to collate and store for future redemption.

Store assistants enter a code into the app.

A member number stored on your phone is given to store assistant at the beginning of your purchase and the store keeps the records on their system.

How else? I am sure there are plenty of options, many better than the current system.

Bring it on. My purse will love it.