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Fun and frivolity can be found in the most unlikely places.

On a scorcher of a summer’s day whilst I was sitting comfortably in my air-conditioned house, a Twitter friend LizzieP tweeted a photo of her afternoon drink and the stunning scenery she was enjoying whilst moored off Rottnest Island.

Lizzie's afternoon Gin (brand not disclosed)

I realised she had tormented me with a number of similar images over the summer, and that an afternoon glass of gin featured in many of the photos. I had recently discover a West Australian brand of gin (whilst doing some research for my day job) called West Winds Gin.

So I snapped back a reply Tweet to Lizzie and the conversation went like this –

(Me) – @BZB You like #Gin right? Have you tried @TheWestWindsGin ?

(Lizzie) – @anecdotal_anna @TheWestWindsGin I have not! But I am willing to give it a go. Where do I find it?

(Me) – @BZB Outlets for @TheWestWindsGin listed here (link) pretty sure they won’t deliver to “A boat moored at Rotto” though

Conversation part 1

Well I soon found out I completely underestimated the good folk at The West Winds Gin company because the next thing I know

West Winds Gin reply

Conversation part 2

Shout outs were sent, arrangements were made, my disbelief was appeased and in just three short hours from my original tweet mentioning The West Winds Gin, two bottles of their finest was hand delivered by “John” to Rottnest Island for Lizzie’s drinking pleasure.

She sent me a photo this morning

The eagle has landed.

I am pretty sure you will be hard pressed to find customer service like this again.

A big thanks to Jeremy Spencer, the man behind The West Winds Gin for sailing on the sea of fun with us. It was a blast.

You can find The West Winds Gin on Twitter and Facebook