One of the pastimes I derive pleasure from is chatting with other people about baby names. Or people’s names in general. The beautiful, the glamorous, the quirky and especially the weird.

I will openly admit, I am often floored by parents name choices. I have on a few occasions (in private) screwed my face up in confusion at the moniker given to a child.  Don’t hate me for it. My personal taste is exactly that, personal, and I am fully aware that others differ.

I know there are many of you out there who also like the topic of names, the talented Alison Tait from Life In A Pink Fibro recently blogged about baby names and a fun discussion about the topic ensued on Twitter and Facebook.

Names of soon-to-be-born babies, or newborn babies are great, but I feel we often overlook discussing the “almost named”. From a personal perspective the “almost named” was a dodged bullet of epic proportions. I refer to the names your parents “almost” christened you.

The front-runners in my Mother’s mind when she was pregnant with me were (waiiiiiiiiit for it):

1. Sylvia – after my grandmother which is a nice sentiment and all. But, no thank you.

2. Judisha – I am at a loss to explain it.

3. Vivene – again after a grandmother.

Thank goodness she eventually went with Anna.

Though as a kid I wasn’t completely satisfied with my name. It wasn’t quite as exotic as I would have liked. I remember at one stage I wanted to be a Krystal (with a K), then it was Dannii and my final fling with renaming myself was as Jordan.

Eventually I outgrew romantic illusions of name changes and settled down with Anna for better or worse.

What of you. Have you ever asked your parents what you might have been “almost named”?