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Recently the City of South Perth completed a new playground at the site of an already existing one at the southern end of McDougall Park. Located on Ley Street in what is technically Como it is a really nice suburban park and playground. One that holds a special place in my heart as it is the place where I first met my now husband some twenty years ago.

Here is a quick peek at the new playground

View from a distance

Looking at the playground from the flying fox site

Funnel web


Bigger spinner

Flying fox (view 1)

Flying fox (view 2)

yet another spinner


Monkey bars


Just in case you were not dizzy enough, another spinner.

The park area has toilets, BBQ’s, bench seating but no tables, as well as many rubbish bins. There is plenty of shade on offer from the large established trees and pathways suitable for kids to skate or scoot about.

Whilst the new equipment has many good points there are a few negatives to consider.The main piece of equipment is most suited to older kids probably from around eight when they have a longer reach. I immediately identified one cause for concern (photo below) certain parts of the equipment like the overhead rings that are used like monkey bars have metal framework under them. This would certainly cause far more injury if a child was to slip and fall as opposed to clear ground being below them.

POTENTIAL HAZARD - metal frame-work under overhead equipment

Other than that no complaints, I hope you get a chance to have some park fun here one day soon.