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Christmas is on our doorstep. There are only two days left of expectant little faces looking longingly at the presents under the tree. Of discussing last minute changes to their gift wish list and wondering out loud if there will be that extra special delivery from Santa.

In a fit of nostalgia my husband, Brad, dug through the depths of his childhood belongings to retrieve the electronic games of “his day”. The big thing back then was Donkey Kong and he still has his once highly prized Nintendo Game & Watch. A multi screen version at that. He also has the Mickey & Donald version.

So he acquired the necessary batteries and had to make a few maintenance adjustments, and viola, working game consoles.

Upon showing the kids there were a few perplexed looks but the “old” games were warmly greeted and they are currently testing them out. It won’t last long as unlike new game consoles you cannot turn the sound off, so I won’t be able to handle the noise for long.

Brad managed to get the game back for a bit, whilst the boys played their newer versions.

Husband playing Donkey Kong

Son playing Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong screen

Super Mario Bros. screen

There are plenty of similarities, both between the game consoles and the males in my life. The funniest thing was watching all the kids touch the game screen to see if it was ‘touch’ capable.

What memories of long ago childhood toys do you have?