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Christmas can be such a wonderful time of year for so many people, alas it can also be a time that highlights drama and dilemmas in your life, that are perhaps not as noticeable for the rest of the year.

A common issue I hear about that causes friction in relationships is where and who to spend Christmas Day with. I have no easy solution for you. Like most areas of a relationship you have to negotiate a suitable arrangement for all parties. Only you can do that.

I can share how my husband and I settled on our festive season arrangements.

First, lets rewind the clock to say twenty years ago (yes I know I don’t look that old thanks for saying), when we were just teenagers in the first throes of young love. The first Christmas we were a serious couple was imminent, decisions needed to be made.

I asked Brad, “What do you think we should do about Christmas arrangements?”. He replied, as only a teenage lad can “Dunno know, what do you want to do?”

So I suggested “What if we just alternate whose family we spend it with each year?”. He agreed.

That my friends, is what we have done. For twenty years this year. As a couple, as newly weds, as a growing family with kids in tow.

We alternate, and there has never been any angst nor arguments (about the arrangements at least).

If only all of life was as amicable…

What about you, is Christmas easy to negotiate or do you face some difficulties?