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Coffee Pods

Who would have thought such a small item as a coffee pod could spark such a big conversation with a four-year old.

A bit of background first; my children know that their parents occasionally have a coffee and even a drink of Coke. They also know they are not allowed to partake in drinking either of these. We have concisely explained to them that a person’s brain does not finish developing until they are twenty-one years old and there are certain drinks and foods that should not be consumed until after this growth has occurred.

For the time being this explanation has satisfied all three of our children.

Today when I was enjoying such a drink my youngest son, Master 4, asked “Mum why do some kids have coffee and Coke?” Before I had formulated and offered an answer he continued, “Do you think they are trying to die quicker?”.

Dying, the hot topic for many kids. Master 4 has been particularly enamoured with this subject as his much loved Great Grandfather passed away last year. He talks of him, and his death often. He asked his kindy teacher last Christmas “If God can make Jesus alive again can he make my Granddad come back too?.

But back to the coffee killer question for now.

“Do you think they want to die quicker?”. “Well no I don’t think that” I replied, quite prepared to expand upon my response but obviously he had thoughts running through his head and just needed to get them out on the table.

“Maybe they have people they love who have died, like their Grandad and they want to see them again”. *Pause* “But that is not a very good idea Mum, they should just live until they are old because their dead Grandad will still be there waiting for them”. “They really shouldn’t drink coffee or do cigaretting”. (Note, cigaretting is more commonly called smoking, but he has his own term)

I just nodded my head at this four-year old sage and said “Sounds like a good plan to me”.

Conversations like these are precious jewels, a glimpse into the psyche of your developing child. An expression of what worries them and what they are trying to understand.

What was one of your coffee moments?