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Perth newest park is a bit of a departure from the brightly coloured swings and slides many people are used to. It is essentially a very stylised natural bushland experience. Aimed to offer urban dwellers the chance to connect with the Australian bush. Located on May Drive in Kings Park, WA.

I put it through its paces with my three pint sized testers today and it earned a triple thumbs up (the highest rating possible). We took some photos to share so you can get an idea of what is in store when you visit.

The most important thing to remember (thanks to my friend Sonia for the heads up on this) is to accept the fact that kids will get wet and dirty. So take a spare set of clothes and maybe even a towel to dry them off.

Take a look,

The entrance sign (not my bike so I didn't want to touch it to move it)

The entrance really stands out

Opening times *These have apparently changed, see info at end of blog post.

The Map

Map close-up

Through the gate

Tree Hide


The Spring

The Spring, with native wildlife aka kid.

The springs mini-version

One end of Paperbark Creek

Paperbark Creek #2

Paperbark Creek bridge

Paperbark Creek at the other end. Dingo Den visible amongst the rocks.



Entrance to the Billabong

The Wetland

Close up of the sign posted at the Wetland

More of the Wetlands looking toward The Jetty (part of the Kings Park Education section)

The Tangle - rope climbing web

Tree Hide and Shelter near the Billabong

The all important amenities aka Jarrah toilets (located over the Paperbark Creek bridge)

The super sized Illyarrie Shelter (illyrrie in case the uppercase was confusing)

at the end of your visit your previously fully clothed child may end up leaving like this one (yeah he is mine).

It is a great environment for kids to have fun, but of course such a rugged playscape does have a few rules to play by.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult

No bikes, scooters or skateboards.

No pets.

No smoking (LOVE that)

No swimming.

No throwing rocks.

There is a separate area that is only available to school groups that incorporates outdoor classrooms. For more information pertaining to school visits, check the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority website.

******** After a receiving a reader comment about the opening times differing an hour I checked with the Kings Park Authority and they are indeed now saying their closing time is 4pm

Operating Hours


8.30 am – 4.00 pm
Tuesday to Sunday

Note sure if the sign at the park has also been changed to reflect this since I took the original photo in November 2011