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The end, it can really sneak up on you, when you least expect it. All of a sudden it is just there, staring you down to see if you will break.

Today I innocently enough took my youngest to kindy where I was rostered on to be the parent helper for the afternoon. An honour and a joy like no other (I am being serious). The pride my little one takes in having his Mummy there to show off to all his classmates is heartwarming.

Then the end reared its ugly head. The teacher was telling the class how “Mrs Hill must be sad today. It is her last parent duty for a kindy kid because Master 4 is her baby. Her last child to go to kindy”.

WHAM. Just like that.

The thought had not occurred to me until the teacher uttered those words. Today was my very last kindy parent duty day ever. Breathe.

Three children and many parent duty days have been mine to hold dear, nary another shall I get.

Excuse me whilst I go raid the chocolate stash.


PS. Has the end snuck up on you?