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I never thought I would say this, however the truth of the matter is, some times I just don’t feel like eating at a restaurant when the opportunity presents itself.

This week my husband and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary and instead of going out for dinner to a restaurant we decided to kick it old school and go for a nice picnic.

When the kids were at school we took ourselves off to The Herdsman in Perth for a little gourmet shopping spree.

We were hoping to take ourselves down to the beach where we got married, with our array of fine foods, to watch the sunset, but this was thwarted by the very late arrival of the babysitter. With not enough time left to make it to the beach we settled for a high spot closer to home with a pretty decent view.

The evening was quite cool so we were very pleased we had remembered to bring blankets and huge floor cushions to sit on. It was a really lovely way to spend a few hours together and enjoy the simplicity of a picnic.

How do you keep things simple?