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More and more children are witness to same-sex relationships which inevitably bring questions from them, to us their parents.

In our house when the topic was brought up by Miss 9 (eagerly listened to by Master 7) the explanation from me went a little like this.

It is most common for a man and a woman to fall in love, this is primarily because nature requires a man and a woman to be together to make babies. This is how the human species will continue to survive. However nature is also a celebration of the unique, individual and less common.

So nature has made some people who fall in love with another person of the same sex as themselves. Two men may love each other or two women. They may want to spend their lives together, just like your Mummy and Daddy do. They may want to raise a family.

Instead of everyone concentrating on how these couples are different to the most common coupling of a man and a woman, we should just concentrate on how these couples are the SAME as your Mummy and Daddy.

Thinking about how we are the same will make us understand each other much better.

Have you had this talk yet? My attempt was totally off the cuff so I would be interested to hear how you have, or may, discuss it with your child and if you think I could have done it differently.