I recently found out about a snazzy (it’s a real word) new iPhone app for creating and collating digital business cards. I jumped on the chance to give it a whirl as the traditional cardboard business cards do not fit in with the high tech world most of us function in.

Whenever I receive a contacts business card I enter their details into a variety of electronic gadgets and the original card goes into the bin. Such a waste.

So lets hope this new application may reduce that kind of waste.

Once you have created a card you can easily send it to another iPhone user, if the person you want to send it to is not an iPhone user the card can also be emailed to them.

There is a web version and their site says an Android app is not far away.

The part I like the most, when any of your stored contacts change their information the card on your device will be automatically updated so you always have their current contact details.

Let me know if any of you are using it too. Maybe we can exchange cards.

CardFlick site here.