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It is no great secret that children are born with an amazing capacity to create chaos and general disorder. For adults that have evolved past this existence, dealing with children who are still living it can be difficult.

Parents, grandparents, family and friends; whether they have children or not may struggle with the disorder children can unleash.

In my home there are three small bodies that I am responsible for, yet I choose to not always make myself responsible for the chaos they create.

In a world of rules, regulations and required conforming I believe kids need a place to be a little bit disorganised. However, as a lover of order and especially a lover of a tidy house, it can be immensely difficult for me to allow this to happen.

I am actually quite a strict parent, bossy some might say (they would be right) so for me to not insist on constant calm and most specifically, a constantly tidy home is a struggle.

Yet, here I am on a daily basis, stepping over the toy whilst my insides scream “PICK IT UP” in the hope it will provide a chance for my children to learning in an experiential way.

School is the place I believe gives a more formal education and my role as a parent is to offer a chance to learn all the other ways.

So, yesterday was a great example of how my relaxed (aka lazy) technique works. There was a kids toy that I had stepped over a number of times in the preceding hours still laying forlornly on the floor. None of my three children were inclined to pick it up, despite the fact they had all used it. When, fate stepped in and Miss 9 stood on the toy, she slipped and fell to the floor. Only her sensibilities were wounded.

She looked at me as I hovered, all the while biting my tongue, before picking herself and the toy up.

Mission accomplished.

If children are only ever told about the consequences, but do not get to experience them, how can they have any measure by which to gauge the consequences?

Some days the consequence of not picking up their toys just happens to be a very cranky Mother on the war path, but that is a part of life too, one they best learn how to deal with.