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I remember many thoughts fluttering about in my mind when I was considering becoming a mother.

So many wonderful mental images of loving times spent with a baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult.

Trips to the park, swimming in the sea, how very merry our life would be.

There were times spent pondering how I would cope when illness struck and other more serious life events.

But you can be sure that I never, not even for a moment considered just how much time a mother can spend sewing.

Buttons, costumes, rips in clothes. Sewing of these items is an everyday part of life, and the more kids you have the more sewing you do.

Then, for some, the ballet sewing. I was woefully unprepared for being a ballet Mum. Thankfully my daughter goes to a dance school where the costumes are a collaborative affair. But little ballerinas still need elastic and ribbons sewn onto ballet slippers.

Sewing skills are even needed when your child attends school.

This past week has been book week in Australia and my little miss is going dressed up as Delphie of the Magic Ballet Shoes fame. This meant I had to provide red ballet shoes for her costume. After procurement of suitable red shoe paint and ribbons I set about transforming her old ballet slippers into the magic red ones she desired.

Then came the sewing on of ribbons for the final product.

For all you Mums (and Dads) who have sewn far more elaborate costumes, my hat goes off to you. You are wonderful and I hope your children appreciate it. This year I got off pretty lightly, yah for me.

So (pardon the pun) what skill do you have to employ that you never though of before becoming a parent?