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Does my bottom look big in this?

So today my four year old son, Master 4, and his four year old friend were playing. Nothing unusual about that right? What was unusual was the conversation I overheard initiated by the friend.

Visiting Master 4 “Did you know I will get to start my slimming class soon?”

My Master 4, “What level are you in now?”

Me, thinking to self, *What on Earth are they talking about?*

Visiting Master 4, “I used to be in level one at slimming class but now I am in level five”.

My Master 4, “Aw level five that is what I am too”.

Me, *Seriously, what are they talking about?*.

Now, I know there is pressure on kids to be accomplished at a great age these days but this had me perplexed. Primarily because Visiting Master 4 has a very sensible, healthy and wonderful Mother. He has no weight issues and I was one hundred percent certain he was not enrolled in, nor would his Mother have talked about, slimming classes.

Perhaps he had overheard an adult conversation, maybe slimming class was the new Weight Watchers attempt at marketing.

Their conversation continued.

Visiting Master 4, “Yeah I can hold my breath for ages when I go under the water at slimming class”.


We have a winner for idiot Mother of the year folks, that would be me.

sLimming class = sWimming class, with a slight, age appropriate speech error.


Make me feel better, share any stories you have of misinterpreting a conversation.