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Picture this; I was at my local supermarket this afternoon, one of the very small independent ones tucked away in suburbia, to grab a bottle of water. As I entered the shop the single open checkout had a fairly sizeable queue happening for the size of the store.

There were in fact six people already in line, so after grabbing my bottle of water I got to be number seven in line. Thankfully not long after I joined the end of the queue another service assistant appeared to open a second checkout. This coincided with the eighth person joining the line behind me.

She (number eight) went to slink around behind me to the opening checkout just as I turned enough to catch her eye. She begrudgingly asked “Are you going to go then?” To which I replied, “No actually I am going to ask the person at the front of the queue who has been waiting the longest if they would like to go”.

And I did.

Number eight snappily replied “Well that never works out love”.

I refrained, barely, from snappily saying “I am not surprised with condescending self-serving people like you in the queue”. My tongue is a bit worse for wear from biting it.

To her dismay the person at the front of the queue very gratefully took me up on the offer and proceeded to the now open second checkout. This lady also pointedly thanked me upon completing her purchases.

So there snippy number eight. Don’t mess with my queue etiquette, because it worked perfectly for the majority of people concerned.