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What would you do for a good read?

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures in life; to immerse yourself in a finely crafted world of someone else’s conception is thrilling.

To watch a story unfold, to guess at its path and hidden secrets is throughly enjoyable. For me, so much so, that I need to carefully regulate how much I allow myself to read.

Many people are quite happy to read a chapter each night before bed to relax and unwind in preparation for slumber. Not me.

Some may say I am slightly obsessive about a book once I have started it. Typically I wouldn’t spend more than three of four days to devour a book from cover to cover. Ok, ok, I don’t actually eat it, but I am sure you understand what I mean.

A perfect holiday moment is to sit down after breakfast and finish a book from cover to cover, stopping only for necessary trips to the bathroom and to gather sustenance. Once children came along this luxury became but a distant memory.

So now I will often be found reading into the wee hours of the morning, then making it through the following day bleary eyed but satisfied because I managed to finish the book.

My compunction to finish in a short time has led to a few procedural requirements being self implement. I won’t start reading a book unless I am confident that the probability of finding enough time to finish it within a few days is high.

I have been known to have a book on the shelf for weeks on end, awaiting an opportunity for me to read it in a timely manner. The irony is I could have finished it a couple of times over if only I could be satisfied with a chapter a night. But it’s just not how I like to read.

When I do decide to crack the cover and get into a good story I many go to considerable lengths to ensure I get enough time in my day to dedicate to reading it.

Say for example I was going to babysit a friends kids whilst my husband stayed at home with our kids. It is possible I would leave an hour earlier than necessary, park my car at a nearby University campus and read in the car. The possibility of this happening would be increased if the book was a new release written by Kylie Ladd.

It is also possible that I would shun my household duties to once again park up the car and read for a few hours whilst the kids were at school, if say I had the opportunity to read a new release written by Sara Foster.

But enough about me. What about you? What would you do for a good read?