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Right, let us first establish that I am not a technology geek by any stretch of the imagination. I wish I was, but the kind of wishing that only happens in fairy tales. Not the kind where I want to put in the effort to make it happen.

I do however appreciate great technology and modern amenities. The latest to appeal to me cam with today’s update to the Mac Operating System. The introduction of the Reading List. They had me at the name Reading List.

It is simple but the integration just makes compiling such a list that much easier.

The Icon is a pair of spectacles (top left on menu bar) which for some reason reminds me of Where’s Wally, which is probably a testament to my reading habits with kids.

When you click on the spectacles, this pane opens on the left of screen:

Then whilst you are on a page you wish to come back to read at a later date or time you simply click ADD PAGE to add it to your list:


WIth this, unlike the massive pile of books I have waiting to read, it doesn’t look as imposing.

Happy reading.