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Those of us who are responsible for the care of children know how awesome it is to find dining venues that make an effort to accommodate children. We are quite fortunate that in the Margaret River region there are a number of venues that have incorporated playgrounds to give the kids something other than food to occupy them.

So, to compliment my posts on Perth playgrounds I will add a couple of Down South ones as well.

Let’s have a look at the beautiful Saracen Estates Duckstein Brewery from a different perspective.

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The playground is situated at the furthermost end of the outdoor dining area. It is cordoned off on three sides so relatively easy for adults to keep track of the ankle biters.

This location means that other diners who are not enamoured with children have plenty of space to distance themselves.

The only downside is that for a winter visit, even on a pleasant day, it is quite windy and thus chilly at this end of the outdoor space. The call of the large fire inside my just be too alluring.