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It comes as no surprise to me that my children love books considering my own passion for them. Not all of them are avid readers yet but they still love books. My Miss 8 however has a deep devotion to books that surpasses that of her siblings.

Whilst we have a playroom with a shelf crammed with the kids book collection Miss 8 would be bereft if some of her beloved books were not closer to hand. So she has set up a couple of spaces within her (small) bedroom to house them.

The reading area.

The mini bookshelf is composed of two small nesting tables that used to be Miss 8’s Great Grandmothers. Her silver Moroccan Pouffe was purchased from Table Tonic.

In an attempt to keep her room tidy, the ever-increasing book collection that had to remain in her room needed a second location. So her wardrobe also houses some of the collection.

The secondary mini library

She has spent many hours in blissful contemplation of how to reorganise and display her book collection and I have no doubt she will spend many more. I await the day when the decision to house more clothes or more books must be made and wonder which she will choose?