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We have firmly established in a previous post that I am not skillful in the ways of crafting, nor do I claim to be. I do however enjoy an attempt or two when the mood strikes.

I have a love of many things that are essentially superfluous to life but are oh so beautiful. Things that make my inner girlyness sing.

Things that I do not indulge in very often because my practical side wins the debate.

So when I find a way to elicit a meeting of the ways so to speak, I get my craft on and have a go.

Recently I made Cake Stand 1 and now I present Cake Stand 2 –

Pic 1 – The materials for the job. A melamine plate and plastic wine glass from the clearance section of Target ($2 and $3 respectively), Araldite which is a type of superglue and a cardboard paint colour sample (this last will be explained with Pic 4)

Pic 2 – Cut the paint colour sample up to get a circle slightly smaller than the stem base of the wine glass. This is purely for decorative purposes and can be substituted with more innovative ideas. It was just what I had handy at the time.

Pic 3 – The plate and the glass. I am going to use the glass this way up for 2 reasons, better stability having the wider part of the glass at the bottom and secondly so that I can use the cake stand right side up and upside down. You will see what I mean soon.

Pic 4 – On the base of the plate there is a trademark and instructions. Seeing as I intend to use the stand upside down as well, and the glass is clear, this would be quite visible. Enter out paint colour sample circle. It is to glue over this ugly detail on the base of the plate.

Pic 5 – Glue the cut out circle down using the Araldite.

Pic 6,7,8 – Cover the rim of the stem with Araldite

Pic 9, 10, 11 – Adhere the glass to the plate sealing in the circle covering. Set aside for the required drying time.

Pic 12 & 13 – Finished product (seen below as well).

So this is the finished product the right way up, topped with some of the kids Easter eggs. What? You cannot expect me to craft AND bake on the same day. I am not Superwoman.

 Then we see it upside down. Now the idea here is you can out dip in the glass and a ring of crackers on the underside of the plate or any other variation or use you could think of.

Note: I really must take better photos next time.

Hopefully I may have inspired you to get crafty.