The magic of a shower is one of our civilisations greatest accomplishments. It is a soothing source of comfort, relief and rejuvenation.

No matter what ails you the tattoo of pounding water falling on your scalp dulls your pain and heightens your awareness of its staccato beat permeating into your soul. The cascade of falling water that beats a rhythmic drum vibrating through your ear canal right to the very core of your brain to wash away unwanted thoughts.

The sensations override your stresses and grievances demanding you inhale serenity and wash away fear and doubt.

Whether you have had a bad day at work, feel sullied by life or physically unwell, the magic powers of a shower can alleviate, and often eliminate, these negatives.

Crying tears of grief for casualties of life in the warm, safe cocoon of falling water is a right of passage for most people. There is no more soothing a place to purge your sorrow.

Revitalising mind and body after physical hardship is a simple wonder of a shower. Some of the most memorable showers I have taken in my life are the first ones after delivering each of my children. The cleansing of a tired, battered body that has withstood a hallmark of evolution is quite miraculous.

It is one of life’s most simple pleasures, yet one of our greatest luxuries.

One of the great loves of my life. A shower.