When I was a kid, there was this magical fruit I called 5 corner fruit. It tasted like a dream and I could never get enough of it. Lucky for me I lived in a very small community that happened to have a tree or two for public consumption.

Many a day over summer I would sit under that tree reading a book and happily munch away until my young stomach could take no more.

So when I walked into a fruit and vegetable store recently and saw this I was instantly transported back to my childhood.

5 Corner fruit aka Star Fruit

They are more commonly called star fruit, but when I was only 2 and first fell in love with them 5 corner fruit was apt. I developed my own unique eating technique and consumed the fruit in the same way each and every time (as an adult it sounds like I may have been a little OCD).

If you have never heard of them and would like to know more, then take a look HERE.

Such a simple thing, that invokes so many memories.

Do you have an item from your childhood that makes you feel this way?