Easter school holidays are fast approaching here in Australia, lots of people will be travelling to places near and far. This got me to thinking about travelling with kids and the often tedious nature of such an undertaking.

One tip I heard many moons ago, to induce good behaviour in the kids, was the good ole lolly bribery concept. EXCEPT, it had a twist that goes a little like this:

1. Buy a large bag of lollies to take in the car for the trip

2. Tell the kids IF they behave they can have all the lollies that are left in the bag WHEN you reach your destination.

3. Every time any of the kids misbehave, take a handful of the lollies and………throw them out.

**It is more dramatic if you can do this out of the window of the car but you need to make sure the lollies don’t have wrappers and will break down in the soil).

Repeat step 2 and 3 until your destination.

Happy travels people.