I have long dreamed of being a creative wonder woman who can whip up creations to delight myself and others with nothing more than some household items and my imagination. Alas I am not very good at doing this. Craft is not my forte, but I admire those who are good at it.

Today I thought I would give it a go anyway. A little cake stand that I had thought up and could be used for any number of occasions.

Here is the first phase:

Construction Phase

1. Any empty jam jar, one of my favourite jams, that I liked the look of.

2. I purchased a single melamine side plate that was on sale for  $4 as well as some Araldite (super strength) from Bunnings

3. Take the lid off the jam jar, turn the plate upside down

4. Mix the 2 part Araldite on the top of the lid

5. Apply the lid to the underside of the plate – set aside to set for at least 12 hours

Finishing Phase

The Finishing Phase

1. After the Araldite has set

2. Thread the jar back onto its lid

3 and 4. The finished product

Now you could put decorations in the jar to go with the theme of your celebration and these can easily be interchanged.

Thus ends my first foray into the world of home crafting. Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I had not intended to blog about it originally, then later decided the world needed to see my abilities (if only to make you feel better about your abilities).