Surprisingly my last post on a relatively new park here in Perth WA, Kadidjiny, garnered a bit of interest. So I am back to share another with you. This one is long-established and not quite as fancy but manages to deliver a comprehensive and fun package for the whole family.

Keanes Point Reserve in Peppermint Grove –

View from a distance

To give you an idea of the lay of the land – you can see I have marked the area in question with a red box on the above image.

The play equipment for bigger kids

You can see the tripod style swing in the foreground of this image. This is a big hit with many kids who play here.

Tripod swing in action

The river and a small beach area is just behind – great for the kids to have a splash.

Behind the smaller kids play equipment is a mini-basketball court. Hopefully this might appeal to tweens and teens.

The double slide

The swings

The boat - the smaller kids play equipment in the background

The play equipment for smaller kids

Smaller kids equipment from another angle

Behind the smaller kids play equipment is a mini-basketball court. Hopefully this might appeal to tweens and teens.

As you can see there is quite a variety of equipment for such a small space, and situated in such lovely surrounds. There are a couple of bench seats, a picnic table, a water fountain and always lush grass.

Often missing from playgrounds are toilets much to the despair of parents with small children. This park has access to them just across the road, it is not especially convenient but they are there. You will need to take all your kids with you if you are sole parenting for the day however. On the plus side I have always found the toilets to be clean and tidy.


The toilets as viewed from the play equipment - across the road and grass area.

Up close and personal with the toilets

There is also a large gazebo near the toilets – may be able to hire it for birthday parties. I would suggest you contact the local council if interested in doing so.


The Gazebo

This park area is a favourite for myself as it manages to cover a number of bases yet still be in a relatively contained space. My children are still young enough that I prefer smaller areas to I am able to keep watch over them all easily.

With the 2 lots of play equipment on different scales, the mini-basketball court, the river beach, and amenities it is a great are for families of all varieties.



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