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Political Parties do it, rock bands do it, business do it and sports teams too. To what am I referring? Bickering, conflict and generally being un-supportive of the collective to elevate the individual.

For me the most distressing of all is when women do this to each other. When you hear or witness stories of brow beating and discouragement for a woman’s choice on how to feed her baby; breast/bottle, a woman’s choice on how to give birth; vaginal/cesarean, a woman’s choice on how to be in a committed (or non committed for that matter) relationship; married/de facto, a woman’s choice on how to work and parent; stay at home/paid employment.

In times of great importance for decisions that are often difficult to make and harder to carry through, when women need a sympathetic and supportive community of other women to aid them, often all they see is criticism and condemnation.

What makes many women do this to each other?

Of course you do not have to completely agree with another woman’s choice, it may not be what you would do in the same situation, but is it imperative you get this message across no matter what? Is their decision really so appalling that all they deserve is your scorn?

For all intents and purposes it looks like the sisterhood could be just another fairytale.