How many headstones list professional achievements?

We all place value on different things, we all lead our lives in slightly different ways, this is what makes our world such a vibrant and colourful place to exist on the best of days. But, at the end of it all, we all die. What do the living put on our headstones? What do we ask them to put there?

There have been so many life threatening situations here in Australia and the world over in recent times that it is hard not to think of death. This had me wondering, what would I like to have on my headstone when the time came?

So I then thought on those I had seen in cemeteries when I had occasion to find myself in one. I have never seen a headstone that listed professional accomplishments was my first thought, it is usually about family was my next.

For me, I decided my headstone might go a little like this:

“The mother of 3 well-adjusted individuals who show empathy, compassion and consideration for their fellow beings, who live their lives filled with as much love as they brought to her and her husband”.

Then if it could have an extra like:

“who died celebrating her 100th birthday in a swimming pool of chocolate”

you can guarantee I would have died happy.

What would your headstone hopefully say?