As a kid I loved to swim yet it had its draw backs, most notably my long hair. If I left it out it would get caught up under my arms and slow me down. Yet if I wore a swimming cap the pain and suffering I often had to go through to get the cap on was worse. As I got older it became easier for me to don the swimming cap without as much hardship, but it felt like a long time coming.

Now that I have a daughter of my own who also has very long hair I am reminded of my own experience. With this in mind I have been looking for an older fashioned rubber swimming cap thinking it may be a little easier for her to get on and off. So far I had not happened upon one in the shops I frequent.

The by a stroke of luck when I was in rebel sport today a lone swimming cap on the bottom of a shelf caught my eye – it wasn’t a rubber swimming cap it was, to my mind at least, something better.

This was a Nylon Lycra swimming cap. It wont keep her hair very dry but it was so easy for her to get on. Just as malleable as a pair of swimmers.

Such a small and simple item yet it has made both Mother and Daughter very happy indeed.

For further information on the product you can look at the manufacturers site here –  EYELINE