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Dating and getting to know another human being is such an exciting time. Falling in love with and committing to that person is the best of times. Walking hand in hand through life with that same person may start to feel less exciting for some people. Perhaps many people.

How do you go about feeling that thrill again, without breaking the trust of your relationship?

I have long suspected that for many people hobbies are the answer, an unconscious yet safe choice to pursue that “thrill of the chase”. Maybe it is searching for the perfect pair of shoes, maybe it is the hunt for the biggest fish of your life, possibly it is the adrenaline rush of jumping out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane (I believe my feelings on this are implied) or even scouring art galleries for the one piece that was meant to me yours.

The euphoria, the elation, the sheer magic of obtaining that which you seek….quickly subsides and you are left looking for a replacement. But unlike relationships it is relatively easy to find a new hobby or goal, to start the cycle all over again. To glory in the thrill of the chase.

What’s your thrill of the chase hobby?