It appears that we are living in a world where parenting is being more readily and eagerly outsourced. If you can’t or don’t want to do it then pay someone else to. From the very emotional and touchy subject of surrogates, to night nurses, daycare and nannies, on to music, sport, cooking, swimming, tutoring, occupational therapy they and so many others are all yours for a price.

All are wonderful and enriching resources individually, but what happens when parents choose to utilise a vast number of these services. When there is a child in a situation where the primary caregiver should not technically be deemed the ‘primary’ care giver. They are more akin to a figure-head of the whole empire, overseeing the scheduling and funding of the project but not doing any of the hands on work and of course readily available to take the credit when the progeny does something worthy of accolades.

The recent announcement from Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban made to TMZ stating that they have a new baby girl Faith Margaret via a “gestational carrier” is sure to spark fiery debate not only over its acceptability but also the terminology. In the minds of many this is the ultimate outsourcing. I urge you to consider though how it must feel to be in a situation where you are unable to naturally conceive and carry to term a child before passing judgement.

Is this a more severe level of outsourcing than the parents who conceive and carry their baby only to have hired help raise it full-time until that child leaves home? Is that the way parenting is going to be in the future, with hired worker bees doing the day to day duties? What level of hired assistance is acceptable to you where you still feel that parents are the primary care-givers?

It is a touchy subject, as it should be for we are talking about the lives of our children and the future of our society.