“Pay it forward” was a great movie and a wonderful concept and it captures perfectly how I feel about parenting.

I choose to mention this as my country Australia, faces a historic time of devastation with, to put it mildly, flooding in a number of states. The images, the words and sounds this weeks long crisis has brought to me all serve to highlight one thing. It is the human spirit and human effort that has brought those affected through.

Each and every one of the people who survived, who assisted, who continue to give of themselves to others was once a child. A child whose parents played a large part in who they became as adults. I would be quite comfortable in saying that I believe the majority of those people were positively influenced by their parents to help them develop into the generous adults they have become.

To what purpose do I write about this? It is to highlight why many of us choose parenting as our primary life responsibility. It is no nobler a choice than others, it is just a choice with an often overlooked benefit to the future. Being a parent is like a long-term share investment, there are dramatic fluctuations in value but the goal is for a great return over decades.

We hope to pay it forward to future generations by populating our planet with caring, considerate and competent adults; just like the helpers we are seeing in action right now.

For every parent that has lost a child to these floods my heart has fractured for each and every one of you for I sense not only what you have lost, but what we have all lost. As we look to the future I hope you can heal in some small way and continue on your journey of paying it forward.