If you are a parent, carer, grandparent, aunt, uncle or slave to a male child then chances are you will recognise these monster trucks. Lots of little boys love them and can spend hours of any given week ‘brooming’ them up and down hall ways and walls.

My boys intuitively knew what to do with these and other toy cars from a very young age. They even made the appropriate noises without being shown, which surprised me. They have become a regular feature in our lives often not without resentment and loathing on my part.

Those of us with children in our care, out of necessity, often find creative ways to reinvent an items usability so it was with a stroke of sheer genius (if I do say so myself) that one day when feeling tired and harassed I asked one of my sons to give me a Monster Truck Massage. This entailed me flopping onto the couch face down and him driving the trucks all over my back repeatedly.

By gosh it was simple and simply amazing. He was kept occupied with something he thought was fun and I got an adequate massage experience whilst still engaging with my son.

I would call that a win win situation. I urge you to give it a go sometime.