I have an idea for a new show (any TV production companies reading this be sure to contact me for bank account details for my advance).

It could be called “Australia’s Next Top Photographer” or “Project Darkroom” or maybe even “MasterSnapper” and would quite simply be amature photographers trying to break into the professional arena. They could concentrate on a specific form of photography or encompass a variety.

The fashion photography episode would make use of professional models; the perfect opportunity for some big name drop ins to boost credibility and ratings.

Then the landscape episode would employ a bit of cross marketing with some great tourism attractions, travel would of course utilise (here comes the cynic in me) the big advertisers of resorts and airlines.

Continuing on with my cynicism we would surely have to have an episode on commercial photography for a spot of product placement.

But the one I would actually like to see the most would be the episode where the contenders have to partake in camera phone photography, lets see how good they really are at composition with out any fancy bells and whistles.

I think this show could be the next big thing, what about you?