It feels like there is a relatively new form of bigotry taking hold in this great land of ours, that is intensely disturbing because it is directed at the smallest members of our kind. I refer to the bigotry of children.

There are many people out there who choose not to have children for a variety of reasons, that is their right and privilege and most certainly understandable if one is to consider just how monumentous a task it is to bear and raise even one child (let alone multiple children).

Then there are those who take their decision a step further and advocate against children being included in normal human activities like going to the shops, or to a cafe or restaurant. Maybe advocate is too nice a word, possible a statement along the lines of, “there are small minded, petty and intolerant people who feel the world owes them more than others out there, and want to selfishly claim society on their terms only”. How does that sound?

I would never claim that children do not disrupt situations, that until their arrival may have been relatively calm and peaceful, and no one who has traveled on a plane with a fractious child could deny just how frustrating they can be. But guess what? The world is filled with adults who behave and elicit the same behaviour and response so why is this movement of bigots targeting children? Well I guess the smaller they are the easier they are to target, and in most grown up circles that is called good ole fashioned bullying.

It appears that many spoiled adults used to getting their own way have taken to stamping their foot and trying to eradicate children’s inclusion in everyday activities and occasions; kind of reminds me of something that spoiled attitude and foot stomping, oh yes my three year old’s temper tantrum.

Children unfortunate enough to have parents that don’t care to educate them on a regular basis about the acceptable ways to behave have it tough. These are the kids who you will encounter running amok whilst the parent sits just out of reach in blissful ignorance. If the parent is not attempting to control and smooth over the situation it is they who deserve your disdain not the child. If the parent is trying, and believe me it is trying, to restore calm and an enjoyable ambiance then be a bit more understanding. They are dealing with a being that only has moments of clear rationality, think of children the same way you would a politician or bank, unable to be consistent and reasonable at all times.

But most of all I ask you to think of children in their truest form; human.

Little humans who will one day grow up into adults. Possibly adults who will be your colleagues, your clients or even your boss. Is turnabout fair play? Should they treat you with the same disregard you treated them?

If you saw how deft my three year old is with a remote control or an iPod you may just want to hire him now, get in early before the offers start pouring in.

The world is full of different opinions and actions and we all have to navigate a path we are comfortable with, before you make your final decision on how to regard children, even the ones misbehaving, take a sober walk through a pub, club or restaurant after about 10pm and see how intoxicated adults behave?

What are your thoughts?